Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Prague's Grand Old Astronomical Clock

In Prague this week. The ‘old city’ section is a treat for history of science buffs. We managed to get a perch in front of the medieval astronomical clock in the Square. This is the oldest operating clock in the world, and the third oldest overall, surviving from the fifteenth century. The clock strikes on the hour, but was more ambitiously designed to follow the phases of the moon and the passage of the sun through the Zodiac year around. Note in my video (about forty seconds in), the chimes begin with Death, personified by the skeleton, ringing the bell, while the apostles pass by the opening windows above.

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The Pope, The Encyclical...and Darwin.

Because you knew I would find evolution in there somewhere....

Christopher Lee (1922--2015)

My tribute to Christopher Lee at Forbes. To say he led a full life is an understatement. It was an honor to meet him, to write about him--and to write for him. But that's another story....