Monday, February 22, 2010

Walter Russell Mead today:
Anyway, as the Post now belatedly acknowledges, the movement to stop climate change through a Really Big and Comprehensive Grand Global Treaty is dead because there is no political consensus in the US to go forward.  It’s dead because the UN process is toppling over from its own excessive ambition and complexity.  It’s dead because China and India are having second thoughts about even the smallish steps they put on the table back in Copenhagen.

Doornail dead.


Crude said...

One pleasant fallout of the Climategate fiasco and subsequent retraction and amending of various claims (just today saw a retraction about forecasts of sea level rises) is that skeptics are no longer instantly labeled crackpots, denialists, and liars. It wasn't long ago that that particular drum was beaten often and loud.

John Farrell said...


(Meanwhile, the search for Al Gore goes on....)