Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good-bye to Brightcove
As of yesterday, Cambridge "start-up" video delivery company Brightcove shut off the free service it started a few years back, in order to pursue high-paying corporate clients. As you can see from the comments section of their blog-post, a lot of their more entrepreneurial users are not happy.

I'm surprised frankly Brightcove did not have the wherewithal to offer an entry-level option for small producers. Or... perhaps I should say I'm flattered that they think independent producers can dish out $6000/year for the 'entry-level' service.

In any case, we at Farrellmedia have taken the opportunity to port our videos from Brightcove over to Vimeo. While it doesn't have as many features (yet) as Brightcove's player--I must say Vimeo's intuitively easier to use.

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