Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Thoughts
Since I spend most of my spare time outside of work either producing videos or working on stories, articles and proposals that I hope to sell to publishers of books and journals, I think of my media log here as just that: nothing ambitious, just a log to quickly reference links to articles, sites and blogs I find interesting and want to remember. I don't so often write posts in the same detail as so many of the bloggers on my blogroll down below left, whom I enjoy reading regularly.

Having said that... when I look at my list of feeds at bloglines and consider the number of subscribers Scott and Steve and Mark and DarwinCatholic, et al have compared to me...well, it's pretty pathetic.


Darwin said...

I think all bloggers have the same number of readers: not enough.

Or at least, that's how it often feels...

John Farrell said...

Maybe bloglines could decide that, below a certain amount, it won't tell users the actual number of subscribers, but instead say something helpful like, 'you need more...'