Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm just two chapters into Glenn Reynolds' Army of Davids, and enjoying it. It's particularly interesting to be reminded of his own history. I forgot Glenn had started as a contributor to Slate's site before breaking off on his own to start Instapundit. At that same time, the Web had helped me publish my first novel, which I will begin serializing soon in podcasts from these awesome guys--and had brought my indie feature of Richard the Second to the attention of several DV outlets, including Nels Johnson at DV Magazine, who saw the trailer I had posted on the Web and asked to see the whole mpeg movie. Back then it was just in PC mpeg format, but it was good enough to get a booking at the Den of Cin in Greenwich Village and a grudging but not dismissive review from the New York Times.

More recently, I found an agent, an editor and a first book deal. All of which is a very roundabout way of saying...Glenn's central thesis is, from my own experience, right on the money.

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